February 29, 2020

Diane Williamson - Alopecia Universalis

Diane Williamson is a full time voice over talent professional for Fortune 500 companies, phone systems and also broadcast. She is a veteran hair wearer and deals with Alopecia Universalis (total hair loss, from eyebrows, eyelashes, to leg hair). 

Diane has been following my Facebook page since 2012, and has been a tremendous support to myself and other women dealing with the incredibly difficult affliction of hair loss. 

Dealing with Alopecia Universalis since the 80’s, she discusses dealing with hair loss and hair wearing, while working in the very public industry of broadcast reporting. Diane has dealt with hair loss and searching for hair, during a time period where information was even less prevalent and accessible, than when I started my own journey. She has experienced total hair loss, transitioning into wearing wigs in the workplace, and dealing with the devastating emotional impact of hair loss in all aspects of her own life. She has battled through and as I like to call it, “made it to the other side, where there is life after hair loss.” It is a thing, it does exist. Her story is inspiring and I absolutely loved speaking with her. 

Please join us for this episode, while we discuss her hair loss journey, and as she shares her knowledge and insight to people dealing with hair loss now. 

You have visit me online via my website: www.womenshairlossproject.com and also via instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whlpnetwork/

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