February 20, 2020

Finding The Right Wig Takes Time

The journey to finding the right type of alternative hair for yourself takes time, whether it’s a topper or a wig. Much of this will not only be determined by our level of hair loss, but also our comfort level. 

Often times I get asked if I jumped right into wearing Follea (the brand of wigs I wear) or if I tried other methods of alternative hair/ or brands.  I definitely tried several other things over the years and had what I called many “Failed Starts,” where I’d get an item of alternative hair, find it was a total failure for whatever reason, and then I’d give up YEARS. I definitely did not accept my hair loss easily and certainly didn’t accept hair wearing easily. My first failed start to wearing alternative hair dates back to 2001 (my hair loss began in 1999) and I did’t start wearing hair full time till 2012. 

In episode 3 of The Women’s Hair Loss Project podcast I discuss a couple of my "failed starts" throughout the years, and share the importance of being patient with yourself when attempting to wear hair for the first time or finding the right piece for you.

You have visit me online via my website: www.womenshairlossproject.com and also via instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whlpnetwork/

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