May 8, 2020

My PRP Journey Update and The Power In Decision/ Action

An update on my experience with PRP is long overdue, and over the last couple months I have tried to record a segment on this, each time only finding that I was left with a question mark and a position of inaction and indecisiveness as to how to continue forward. I found myself stuck. I was already being confronted with the fact that I was no longer experiencing the same benefit of PRP during the last couple years, as I had in my prior years. My hair loss shedding / decline was occurring more rapidly and after my last treatment in November,  I was actually debating on whether or not the time had home to close the chapter of that treatment in my life. 

Well, life changed for us all, choices changed. A week ago I finally decided on how to proceed forward, and provided myself with a plan. There is so much power in making a decision, and taking an action towards that decision. The minute I decided to do so, I instantly found relief within myself. This podcast is definitely one giant clump of a run on thought, it's a little all over the place (so my apologies in advance), but I really wanted to get all my thoughts out to you, about where I have been at with all of this.

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